Announcing my New E-Book!

I am excited to announce the availability of my new e-book: A Way Out – Meltdown Prevention Tool for Kids with Sensory Overload. If you care for a child with SPD, high sensitivity, or on the Autism spectrum, you may enjoying reading the book and learning how to make a customized tool for developing a child’s sensory and emotional awareness. The book is a parent-to-parent guide to communicating with your child, creating your own customized meltdown prevention tool and learning to extend compassion and acceptance to your child and yourself in the process. Check it out at:

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2013 Fall and Winter Inner Discovery Schedule


Life Mastery for Kids

Assisting Wednesdays at Reach School, Sebastopol  9-11 am

Inner Discovery Private Sessions for Kids

Inner Discovery sessions for kids are unique, open ended explorations involving play, creative art, relaxation tools, imagination and guided meditation.  Children are encouraged and gently guided to discover their passions, explore and own their gifts, nurture and take care of themselves emotionally and spiritually, and expand their imaginations in order to connect with their one of a kind, vital essence.

$45 for 1 hour and 15 minute session      $300 for series of 10

Reiki for Kids

Gentle energy healing bodywork helps kids relax and learn how to access their own self-healing capacities.  Wonderful way to unwind after school, a long week or before sporting events, recitals and tests.

$40/hour   $20/30 minutes     $300 for series of 10

Reiki for Women 

One hour and 15 minute deeply nurturing sessions for women of all ages:  young women just starting out on a self-healing path, busy moms, working women and elderly women.  Sessions are interactive with an emphasis on self-compassion, empowerment and self-healing.

$50/hour  $400 for a series of 10

To schedule call Nicole Daspit at 707-874-8104

Inner Discovery Summer Schedule 2013

Nature Meditation I  Ages 9-14

Location:  Ragle Ranch Park Sebastopol, CA

Time:  July 13 1-4 pm

Cost: $45

This afternoon will be an opportunity for your child to walk, sit, breathe, draw and enjoy quiet time in nature.  We will start with an opening circle before walking and finding areas for sitting contemplation.   Snack will be enjoyed under the oaks and we will close with a circle in a redwood grove.

Singing and Speaking for Girls  Ages 9-14

Location:  Inner Discovery Classroom, Sebastopol, CA

Time:  July 27 1-4 pm

Cost:  $45

This workshop is designed for any girl who wishes to explore her voice.  No singing experience is necessary.  We will open with a circle, explore different breathing and voice exercises, have sharing and singing time, snack, meditation and closing circle.  The focus will not be so much on singing as a performance, but rather claiming and exploring the unique voice that each girl has in a small, supportive environment.

Nature Meditation II  Ages 9-14

Location:  Laguna Park Sebastopol, CA

Time:  August 10 1-4 pm

Cost:  $45

This afternoon will be similar to Nature Meditation I, but this time we will explore the Laguna and its treasures, while noticing our inner landscapes as well.  Our closing circle will be held at the labyrinth outside the teen center.

Quiet Creative Time  Ages 11-15

Location:  Inner Discovery Classroom Sebastopol, CA

Times: 6:00 – 8:30 pm July 31 and August 14, possibly more dates if needed

Cost:  $30

These evening workshops are designed for creative youth who want to carve out space during their summer to work on creative projects of their own, whether writing, drawing, building, designing or anything else they can dream up,  Some young people may want to start a creative project or work on a plan for accomplishing a goal or dream.  Each person will be individually encouraged in their project and receive group support as well.  Many art, drawing and writing materials will be available, but students are free to bring their own works in progress and materials.  We will enjoy an evening snack and time around the fire pit for inspiration on these late summer evenings.

TO REGISTER: call Nicole Daspit at 707-874-8104 or e-mail at


Spring Schedule 2013



Open Circle Time

Location: REACH School Sebastopol  6/7 class
Time: Weekly Wednesday class at 1:00 pm




Singing for Girls ages 9-13
Location:  ID Classroom – Sebastopol, CA
Date and Time:  Saturday March 2 from 1-4 pm
Cost:  $45  includes all materials and healthy snack


In this workshop girls will experiment, play and express with their voices.  No experience is necessary – you don’t even need to feel comfortable singing in front of others because that’s part of what we will explore.  We will begin the afternoon with a circle, play some voice games and do fun exercises. The goal of the exercises will not be to gain technical skills or techniques, but rather to connect within and play with your personal expression and power. If a girl has a song that she has been working on or would like to sing more authentically, there will be time to share and sing. After snack, there will be some group singing and a guided meditation to end the day.  


Help for School Stress  ages 10-14
Location:  ID Classroom – Sebastopol, CA
Date and Time:  Saturday March 23 from 1-4 pm
Cost: $45   includes all materials and healthy snack


Kids at the end of elementary school, middle schoolers and beginning high school students begin to face bigger challenges both academically and socially.  In this workshop, we will first discuss the issues and give students a chance to talk freely about them.  From there we can begin to explore strategies for coping and thriving including:


* relaxation techniques
* organization 
* clear, authentic communication
* emotional check-ins
* reducing peer pressure through reframing


Afternoon will also include snack and short meditation.


Writing Stories for Fun ages 9-13
Location:  ID Classroom – Sebastopol, CA
Date and Time:  Saturday April 13 from 1-4 pm
Cost: $45  includes all materials and healthy snack


During this creative afternoon workshop, we will open with a circle and discussion of why we like stories and share some of our favorites.  Then we will do a series of exercises designed to stimulate the imagination and help kids connect to what they love and remember what moves them.  Students will have time to free write after snack and continue to vividly develop their ideas.  We will return to circle for some closing games and sharing.


The Art of Play ages 8-12
Location:  ID Classroom – Sebastopol, CA
Date and Time:  Saturday May 4 from 1-4 pm
Cost: $45   includes all materials and healthy snack


This afternoon is designed for kids who want to play, create and imagine but end up spending their weekends in front of the TV or computer out of boredom, necessity or lack of play companions.  We will start the afternoon with circle and soon open it up to using art and building materials, outdoor space and imagination to engage in some deep and satisfying play time.  Spontaneous ideas and projects are the name of the game and care will be taken to ensure that all children are engaged and included.  After snack, we will also have some quiet time and a guided meditation before a little more creative time and closing circle.




Cultivating Presence in Parenting


Location:  Coffee Catz  Sebastopol, CA
Date and time:  First Tuesday of every month beginning Tuesday March 5  12:00-1:30 
Cost:  $15 (or donation based on ability – no sincere parent turned away)


This is an ongoing parent support group that will be focused around the idea that the greatest gift we can offer our children (or indeed anyone) is  our non-judgmental presence. Many factors keep us from being present with our children:  busy work lives, our agenda for them, our worry and fear, electronic devices, behavior issues, frustration, anger, adult relationship difficulties, entertainment, financial concerns and many more. 


Being in the moment offers tremendous benefits because “the now” the only place from which we can really listen, accept and utilize our full creative power. Our children can sense when we are present and grounded and it helps them stay present as well. When our children trigger us, it shows us that much of our energy is still tied up in past emotional trauma and keeps us from being loving, having clarity or finding effective solutions now.  Each month we will meet as parents, discuss our challenges and explore strategies that help us be lovingly present and create healthy relationships with our kids.


For more information or to register for classes and workshops:
Call Nicole Daspit at 707-874-8104 











Fall Workshop Schedule

Upcoming Inner Discovery Workshops

“Nurturing Retreat for Girls”  ages 8-12  

 Saturday October 20 Noon – 4:00 pm   $50

Come and celebrate our femininity! Create natural bodycare products, perfumes with pure essential oils, and hair ornaments. Includes healthy snacks, guided meditation and quiet journaling time.

“Soul Painting” kids ages 8-12

Saturday Nov. 10 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm $45

Through guided meditation, make a connection with your unique inner spirit.  Explore and express your impressions through painting on canvas.  Learn how to access your creative flow.  Includes snack and all materials.

“Friends and Fitting In” kids ages 9-12

Saturday Nov. 24 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm $45

Circle time, fun exercises, creative journaling, snack and meditation. Find out why it is so important to be you!

Call Nicole at 707-874-8104 or e-mail to register. Images-1Imgres-6

“Start a Love Train, Love Train”

The last Inner Discovery workshop ”Fun With Feelings” turned out to be a terrific day of exploring and synchronicities. We got into looking at feelings from the perspective of choosing how we respond to them when they arise.  None of the kids thought that suppressing them would be a great idea nor acting them out on others or themselves even though everybody talked about how sometimes we do that in our frustration and lack of knowing what else to do in the moment.  It turned out that two of the young people had recently been on a train trip and possibly even on the same train trip!  So we started to look at it like being at a train station and choosing a destination.  Even if your departure city is Angerville, you can choose a different destination like Peace Valley or Awesometown!  Kind of silly, but we had fun with it.  Just accepting where you are at the start of your journey without judging yourself- “ok, I am in the this place of sadness, fear,” etc…. already kind of puts you on a track to another place that is allowing and therefore will feel less intensely painful.  One boy talked about how runaway trains are ones without conductors that get disconnected and can be dangerous.   He said that with runaways, it becomes priority number 1 to stop it and reconnect it. That was a great reminder to us all that we are the conductors and we are in charge of our emotional train.  We can keep ourselves on track and prevent runaway emotions through our intentions, our allowing of the feeling to be, choosing our destination no matter where we start and making it a priority to keep a loving connection with ourselves.  I couldn’t have written down ideas or planned a class as well as what emerged spontaneously.  I am learning to trust that when we gather, all the important ingredients for learning together are always present if we stay open. 

I think we could have kept chugging all day with the train metaphor, but we shifted gears to a creative project: creating a destination or sanctuary and the kids chose to build outside.  They ended up building a fort and an outdoor bedroom/resting area that was awesome and is still in the play yard.  I have felt lucky to do some summer reading and even have a nap on the outdoor bed they made.  I can’t part with it yet, so the haulers will have to wait until fall.